About us


Our Philosophy

We believe that Hot Pot has always been a coming together for people of all ages – a cheerful activity that allows family and friends to gather around the pot and create, celebrate and socialize.

Eating together in large groups naturally enriches bonding, but sharing in the cooking can take that bonding to a deeper level. Cooking together involves teamwork, planning, experimentation and risk, leaving groups with a sense of shared satisfaction and achievement, and lasting memories.

Whether it is for a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner, hotpot is essentially suited to the needs of its guests. This even extends to those with dietary concerns or restrictions! Almost everything offered at Le Pot is prepared in-house, to give the cleanest, tastiest, most natural flavors.

Clean, fun, healthy, interactive, unique, and ultimately satisfying; it’s time to experience authentic Japanese hotpot at its finest: visit Le Pot today!